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Goka Media is a full service London Ontario Branding and Web Design Agency. Our goal is to help small businesses stand out in the current competitive digital landscape. We achieve this through building strong and memorable brands, beautiful optimized websites and targeted marketing strategies.

Small business is the backbone of our economy. That being said, the competition is fierce and to capture your share of the market, you need a professional team to help you achieve your goals. Let Goka Media be that professional team.

Building Better Brands | With Effective Strategies

Goka Media Inc is a London Ontario Branding and Web Design Agency, geared toward helping small businesses achieve their goals. Our mission is to build long lasting relationships with our clients. As we uncover the goals of your business, we work with you to deliver custom tailored solutions that bring meaningful and lasting results. Developing custom solutions that can help meet your goals and budget.

Our focus is on delivering results that build trust with our clients. We become part of your business and help you achieve those goals through branding, marketing, web development and creative design. Small business is the backbone of the economy, our team will work collaboratively with you to create a strategy to help you reach your goals and make a lasting mark on your customers.

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Emotional Branding

We create brands that trigger an emotional response in the consumer, that is, a desire for your product that cannot be fully rationalized. We ensure your branding has a significant impact and builds strong, lasting attachments to the brand. This in turn builds brand loyalty and awareness.

Creative Graphic Design

Creative thinking is the essential ingredient in graphic design. Your business deserves great design. Once Goka Media determines your marketing needs, we create design elements that effectively communicate that message and leaves a lasting impression to your audience.

Optimized Web Design

Your web design needs to provide a positive experience and make it easy for users to navigate. We ensure your website is professionally done, establishes brand authority, and delivers the right message to its audience. We create a web design that can get more visibility and inbound traffic via channels like organic search, social media, and paid. We ensure that your website can achieve business objectives, such as generating registrations, leads, or purchases. This all starts with website performance, which is critical for conversion.

Measurable Results

Today’s marketers have to be flexible and ready to shift at a moment’s notice. This means constantly monitoring customer-centric metrics, which can drive real change through an organization’s marketing efforts. These measures include sales revenue and growth, cost per lead, conversion rate, lifetime value of a customer, return on marketing spend, and more. With advanced tracking mechanisms, we can target your marketing more effectively and accelerate your marketing efforts.

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